Back flip

My Sea-Fever quilt needed a back.  I wanted to keep it simple and bring in the “star to steer her by” from the poem.  I also wanted to use some of the leftover fabric from the front.  My plan was to insert a star from the background fabric into a long, narrow panel of the front fabric.  Good plan, right?  So away I went with my piecework.

Patchwork for back of Sea-Fever quilt

First time I’d ever worked with angles, but thanks to a handy tutorial from Jenny of the Missouri Star Quilt Company, I had a good clean star in no time.  I was really proud of myself.  I even used the cut off corners to improv a few flying geese.

And then I noticed that I’d made it wrong way around – the star was supposed to be in the dark blue, and the wave pattern on the background.  D’oh!

So I changed my plans and used the long strip of fabric from the front as a side panel, while the star shines alone in its dark field.  In the end I like that better anyway, and it wound up using the fabric I had more efficiently so that I have only a few scraps left over.

Have you ever done something like this?  How did you deal with it?  Did you pick it out?  Go with it?  Start a whole new project?  Because somehow I think it might happen again…


6 thoughts on “Back flip

  1. That has definitely happened to me before!

    I went with it, and I love the end result. I think it’s okay to deviate from what you first thought – you never know, it could end up being better than what you had first planned! 🙂


      1. I am an expert on that topic, feel free to check in with me on that topic at any time. My quilt top which I started yesterday and added to with abandon until it no longer fits the amount of batting and backing fabric that I had prepared for the quilt, is now staring me in the face. So I am adapting it and using a chunk of it as a pillow sham. (Who will know it didn’t start out that way?! The joys and excitement of quilting!


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