Porcupine fur hat

This winter, I got really really cold.

My existing knit caps did little to shield my noggin from wind chill and snow.  In a fit of pique, one night I threw all my inadequate hats into the giveaway bin and knocked together a new hat.

DIY faux fur hat

The shape was simple—just an oval the same circumference as my head, and a three-inch band for the sides.  I made a muslin of the lining first, which saved this project from ruin: despite careful measuring, my first attempt was a bit too snug.  I always hate making muslins instead of getting right into it, but every single time I put in the extra effort I save both frustration and fabric.

Lining of faux fur hatI made the lining next, basting it together and testing for fit.  It was a great chance to use a bit of Cotton + Steel fabric I’d picked up as a souvenir.  Then I used the same measurements to make the outside.  I used some knit faux fur scraps I had left over from making pillow covers.  I’m not sure exactly what animal is supposed to sport this kind of hide, but my nine-year-old friend calls it “porcupine fur” and I reckon that’s as good a guess as any.

Once I had completed both the lining and the outside pieces —they both looked like short half-cylinders at this point—I placed them right side together and stitched around where they joined.  I left a few inches open so that I could turn the whole deal right side out, then stitched up that little gap by hand.  And there was my new hat!  Warm as toast and fluffy as a cloud.

Is it incredibly glamorous, or do I look like a porcupine has taken refuge on my head?  I truly can’t decide, but waiting for the bus on a brisk winter day got a whole lot more pleasant.


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