Space cases

Last time I went to an open sew day, I realized I’ve been dragging my tools around in paper lunch sacks and little plastic bags.  Inevitably the pointy end of the scissors pokes through and the bobbins spin away into oblivion.  Maybe—here’s an idea—I should make something to fix that.  Physician, heal thyself!


It just so happened I had a handful of six-inch home decor fabric samples sitting around, looking shiny and pretty and otherwise being entirely useless.  But add them to a bit of star fabric and I had just the thing to make some handy pouches.

space-cases-2It’s a nice little stash bust and solves the tool problem.  Thread and small tools in the smallest case, scissors and rotary cutter in the medium, and sewing machine pedal and power cord in the third.

The cases came together quickly using the free Fold Over Clutch tutorial from Pattern Runway.  Obviously my cases are rectangular instead of fold-over squares, but the process is the same.  The fabrics I used for the shell are so heavy that I skipped interfacing.

Working with those fabrics was not quite as straightforward as my usual cottons.  Most of the home dec swatches frayed like crazy, and the star fabric, it turned out, is some kind of plastic.  Which meant when I went to iron it, it melted!  Somewhat unusually I had a press cloth in hand, so I could wipe the goo off my iron before it was ruined, but what a surprise.  If you turn one of the cases in the light just right, you can see a press mark.  A reminder to test those fabrics, I suppose.

space-cases-insideI lined the cases with a soft cotton that presented no surprises.

While the finishing on these isn’t perfect, I do like the way I got the geometric patterns and the botanic patterns to line up on the set of pouches.  And for once I didn’t sew any piece upside down.  Here’s to small victories!

I hope you enjoy some small victories this week as well.


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