Hot cross fun, reprise

Remember the cross blocks I sewed up for the Boulder Modern Quilt Guild’s charity bee?  Well, it turns out I couldn’t stop making them.

Cross blocks

I may have a problem.  But I also have two dozen 12.5-inch blocks in a stack, waiting to be pressed and trimmed to size at our next open sew meeting.

2015-06-cross-blocks-yellowChain piecing these blocks is a snap, and watching square feet of fabric come together all at once is wonderfully gratifying.  I’m an advocate of slow sewing (slow everything, really), but there’s something to be said for the occasional fast progress.

I made blocks in two basic palettes: an old-fashioned soft yellow, and shades of lilac and lavender with hits of seafoam green.

2015-06-cross-blocks-lavenderI hope they will play well with other blocks people make in warm or cool tones.  Josi, who is leading our charity quilt bee, will weave them together.  Check out her new blog, Avocado Quilts, to see our progress.

I used up my entire tiny collection of neutrals on these.  I don’t tend to stash neutral fabrics, since I feel that I can get them whenever I like.  Why stack them up at home?  Where they would just take up room I could fill with quirky patterns and oddball prints?  A cream solid just doesn’t have the same emotional pull.  Now, a chambray, on the other hand…


3 thoughts on “Hot cross fun, reprise

  1. Shelly you are AMAZING! Thank you so much for falling in love with this block!! I can’t wait to see all of them this weekend. Looks like we’ll have at least two more quilt tops!


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