Name this quilt

I finished piecing a back for my quilt made of old shirts cut into hexagons.


Look at all those wrinkles!  I ironed the back right after this, but the daylight disappeared on me (pressing takes so long), so later photos were dark.

2015-06-name-quilt-detailI pieced this thing with abandon.  I started with rows of half hexes left over from the front.  A wide band of those was joined to a swath of gorgeous yabane-print cotton I bought on a trip to Japan.  It was my souvenir from the famed Tomato fabric store.  I even loved the selvage, so I left a bit of it in and visible on one of the panels.  The Cotton + Steel Tokyo Train Ride print left over from cutting a single hexagon for the front jumped in, and pretty soon I had the pieces all together.  I really should have ended that squared-off Cotton + Steel section with a point.  Oh well.  This is definitely not a show quilt; it’s a scrapbook!

The quilt back is quite a bit busier than the front.

I basted the quilt sandwich over the weekend.  I used a 1/8″ batting made from a blend of bamboo and cotton.  I haven’t tried the bamboo before.  The thinness of the batting appealed for a summertime bed cover.  I am a bit concerned that it’s so thin it will show bumps at the seams, but that may disappear during quilting.

So what should I call this thing?  Originally I named the quilt after Violet Newstead, Lily Tomlin’s character in 9 to 5.  The men’s shirts cut to suit a woman’s purposes seemed to make that fit.  But now that I see all these Japanese fabrics together with the wabi sabi of the front, I think that the quilt should be named something evocative of Japan, or traveling.  What would you call it?


3 thoughts on “Name this quilt

  1. I love the fun you had with this quilt, it seems so free! Maybe name it Geisha Gone Wild.. though that isn’t classy enough. I also see a place, with the hexagons being the sky in the distance. Sew on!


    1. I like it – much better than calling it the mullet like my husband suggested (all business on the front, party on the back). I like the idea of seeing it as a landscape, though. That’s firing up some thoughts…


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