Shower curtain quick fix


We cleaned the tub, we cleaned the tile, but the bathroom still didn’t look pristine.  Our cheap-o shower curtain had collected red algae stains along its bottom edge and was giving off an impression of grimy hard times.  It’s just a liner, really, and designed for quick obsolescence.  Naturally, we couldn’t resist giving it another chance.

I sliced the bottom few inches off with my rotary cutter, getting rid of the stained area.  Then I gave it a new hem.  We actually used it that way a few days, but the fabric was almost too short for the tub.  In a fit of inspiration I grabbed a quarter-yard of some lovely Birch organic cotton that was lying around and inserted a slice about 16 inches down the curtain.  The stripe brought the curtain back to its proper length, and the low-key pattern classes up the otherwise very plain expanse.

2015-08-showercurtain2If you decide to try something similar, I have a few pieces of advice.  First, the curtain fabric is slippery and frays like crazy.  The slithery weight of it wants to pull everything out of your sewing machine and down to the floor.  Just be aware of the tendency and keep a keen eye and firm hand on the ten inches or so you’re sewing at the moment.  Definitely don’t iron—the curtain is some kind of plastic and will not respond well.  Finger pressing works pretty well, though.  Lastly, consider French seams to keep things nice and tidy on the back side of the curtain.

It was nice to complete this simple project.  What’s your favorite half hour house fix?


4 thoughts on “Shower curtain quick fix

  1. A fun idea to prolong the use of a shower liner. Did you know you can machine wash a vinyl shower curtain in warm water with a little baking soda to kill off those dreaded germs. Throw in a few towels to add some friction. Hang it up to dry.

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    1. Ooh, I’m going to try this tonight. We have another bathroom with another shower curtain that can use some love. Or apparently some baking soda! We’d tried washing but only with your standard soap. Thanks for the tip!


  2. Reblogged this on Sprigasaurus living and commented:
    I’ve been struggling with what to do with our shower curtain that I trimmed the icky bottom bit off.
    This is a brilliant idea.
    I shall hunt out some suitable fabric to insert, There’s bound to be something perfect in my massive stash of #notforlandfill fabrics.


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