Moses, he poses his toeses on roses

Let’s just start with this, shall we?

If you need a break from the mad jumping it inspires, here’s this:

A newly quilted bath mat

To keep my feet warm between shower and dance floor, I quilted up a quick bath mat.

I grabbed a 20 x 28″ piece of the lovely Anna Maria Horner print I’ve been nibbling on, and matched it with a vintage piece of cream-colored cotton for the back.  I used Quilter’s Dream Green batting, which is made from recycled plastic bottles.  It’s nice and thin, and it won’t hold water like cotton will when placed on the bathroom floor.  If you don’t want a lot of drape, this stuff is fantastic!

I didn’t want to bind this like a quilt, so I cut a piece of batting to fit just inside my seam line, and basted it to the wrong side of my backing piece.  I smacked the right sides together, sewed almost all the way around, and flipped it all right sides out through the gap I left.  Then I machine-sewed all around the mat, very close to the edge.  That closed up the gap without hand sewing and made the edges lie flat and neat.

Bath mat quilting
The back of my bath mat, showing the geometric quilting lines made with a walking foot.

Let’s not mention the safety pin I somehow sewed inside the quilt sandwich and discovered halfway through quilting.  Or how I had to cut it out of the piece.  Not deft, not deft at all.

The quilting was the fun part.  I used the geometric pattern on the top fabric as my guide.  I sewed straight line segments from one short side of the quilt to the other, making right-angle turns wherever the fabric pattern turned.  I had to cheat over a line or two in a few places to make it look right, but look what a beautiful quilting pattern it made!  I almost regret not picking out the quilting using bright orange thread instead of the dark teal that matches the background.  But since this was my first foray with my new walking foot, perhaps discretion was the better part of valor.

I wound up with what looks like a wholecloth wall quilt.

Bath mat in place
Bath mat in situ.

While the backing fabric is fairly coarse, it’s not coarse enough to give the rug good “grab” on the floor.  Off to the fabric big box store I went for some of that grippy stuff that looks like rubber drizzled into a looping pattern.  I whip stitched a few rows of that onto the bottom by hand, and now it feels nice and stable on the floor.

I’m glad to have this to replace the old beige bath mat, with its curling edges and miserly size.

Have you ever sewn something for the bath?  Or kitchen?  What was your favorite item?


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