Finished – quilt for Nepal

Quilting shown on back of quilt

Remember the quick quilt top and back I finished for the eQuilter drive for Nepal?  Fellow guild member Cynthia took it home to quilt it into a finished work.  And look how beautifully she did.

2015-10-Nepal-quilt-birdCynthia chose an undulating line that looks like water or clouds.  She interspersed flowing geometric shapes over the center bar of stripes, and outlined the birds on the lower half.  The quilting elevates the final product from simple to spectacular.  I’ve mostly been a fan of geometric quilting before this, but I think Cynthia just changed my allegiance to FMQ!

Quilt for Nepal, front viewI mean, look at the detail.

I bound the quilt with a cobalt-blue low-contrast print that Massdrop kindly sent our guild just for use in charity projects.  The color picks up the blue in the birds nicely without competing with the rest of the design.

I packed off the quilt with Anne of SpringLeaf Studios to deliver to eQuilter.  Thank you Cynthia and Anne!

What’s your favorite design or pattern to use for quilting?


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