Large numbers of small stitches

Close view of hand quilting

I’ve been down with this season’s fashionable cold for over a week.  While in some ways this is not ideal, it has given me many hours designed for lying on the couch under a quilt.  This in turn has given me ample opportunity to hand quilt my Sea Fever project.

I passed a major milestone about a month ago, having quilted at least one line every ten inches across the quilt sandwich.  This is the maximum recommended distance between quilting according to the instructions on the batting.  That stabilized the quilt enough that I could start quilting more decoratively.

Hand quilting on Sea Fever quiltI’m using hand-quilting thread the exact pale aqua of the letter shapes, stitching along the crests of the waves in the background pattern here and there.  My intent is to give the impression of skiffs of moonlight on the back of the water.  I’m not quilting across the letters, since I want them to appear to float over the background like words on a printed page.

In most lights the quilting barely appears—it’s very subtle.  But sunlight or light cast from the side picks up the glacé finish of the thread and it suddenly, surprisingly shimmers.

Do you have sewing that makes you happier when you’re home sick?  What do you choose?


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