Michael Miller Challenge and the race against time


Oh sure, I accepted the Michael Miller Challenge for QuiltCon 2016.  My sample fat eighths turned into long yardage of the festive confetti border print I love so much.  But will I complete this project in time?

I just finished the quilt top last night, using needle turn applique to attach the last of my shapes onto a large pieced background.  Now I have less than a week to turn that top into a real, actual, corporeal quilt.  The deadline for submissions is November 30th.  I’m definitely not panicking.  Okay, maybe a little panic.

I am really pleased with how the pieced background turned out.  I’ve packed this quilt with meaning, coded messages to the friend it will ultimately find its way to.  Hopefully after a chance to be part of the field competing for QuiltCon exposure.  The glory!  The toil!

To spur me on, I can gloat that I finished the Sea-Fever quilt in its entirety.  It wound up being so large that it’s difficult to photograph without two friends and a balcony or perhaps a small cliff.  But as soon as I find them and a sunny day, you’ll see it all.


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