Sea-Fever: A finished quilt


Here it is: my sea monster.  At 8 1/2 feet tall it’s a big beast.  In fact I had to borrow a friend’s balcony to get a picture of it at full length.  When it’s on the bed it has a nice long drape over the sides and can fold over the pillows.

The letters are raw-edge applique on a wholecloth background.  I wanted the text to look like a page from a book floating over a field of of tossing waves.

The piece is all hand quilted. There’s more than a thousand feet of thread in it, skipping along the waves of the fabric’s pattern like embroidery. It’s subtle: under artificial light the quilt looks flat, like a piece of paper. But sunlight, moonlight, or touch reveals the quilting gleaming on the wavetops.


The back recalls the second and best-known line of Masefield’s poem Sea-Fever, with its “star to steer her by.”  If you’re curious to read the rest of the poem, have a look at the Poetry Foundation’s web site.


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