Westward Sew!


I’m excited to be going to QuiltCon next month.

I hope to see beautiful, striking, challenging, thought-provoking quilts in the show.  Bring it on, QuiltCon.

Even better, I’ll be seeing them and learning among a whole bunch of people who are also into this peculiar art form.  Thinking about that led me to wonder: who would I most love to meet at QuiltCon?  If I could have a chance to chat with a few of my favorite quilt artists during some mythical and wonderful dinner party, they would include…

Hillary Goodwin of Entropy Always Wins (Instagram @entropyalwayswins).  Goodwin creates beautiful, rigorously minimal pieces that I admire.  But even more, I admire the way she integrates her artistic exploration with her life, values, and spiritus mundi.  She invests everything she makes with meaning.  Her 5/325 quilt might be the best known example, but see also the All Things Being Equal quilt and even her theme for a Bee Sewcial month.  She respects her materials and often uses recycled or reclaimed fabrics, like damaged leather jackets or hospital sheets.  (She also loves all things text, which gives us something in common.)

Carolyn Friedlander is a designer I’ve admired for a long time.  All that architectural goodness!  And her quilts are working quilts—for Pete’s sake, she cut one up and covered a couch with it.  Most of all, she commits to mindful work (and even wrote a book on it).

Amy Garro of 13 Spools (Instagram @13spools) is the first quilter I followed in blogland.  I’ve enjoyed watching her journey from her first posts to the accomplished interplay of sharp, geometric motifs she uses today.  Could she even convince me to try paper piecing?  It remains to be seen, but I’d love to hear more about why she quilts, and where her artistic questions might be going next.  And perhaps have a good brangle over the term masculine, preferably over a cocktail.

When I look at these folks together, I see some common threads: strong artistic styles with architectural underpinnings, thoughtful approaches, and love as the secret ingredient.

What about you?  Whose quilting work do you admire, and why?





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