Reclamation projects


I had lots of sewing time this weekend, and spent it on a few recycling projects.

These pillow covers reuse one of my husband’s old sweaters.  As a sweater it was beyond repair, with snags and extensive unraveling.  But as a pair of pillows it shows off its cozy weave.

2016-03-pillowsbackI used a favorite Cotton + Steel print for the simple envelope backs. The color matches exactly, and the print echoes the sweater’s pattern.

Using some light interfacing on the sweater pieces before I cut them to size was what made this an easy project.  It made the loose knit easy to run through the sewing machine, and reduced the number of fluffy bits of yarn that fly around when cutting.  My floor still looked like it had rained blue soot, but it was better than otherwise.

2016-03-machinecoverdetailI also knocked together a sewing machine cover from a quilted sampler I made during Carolyn Friedlander’s home machine quilting class at Quiltcon.  The sampler wasn’t attractive enough to finish up as a quilt, but I liked it as a reminder that I can now free-motion quilt with impunity, if not yet skill.  And I liked some of the motifs, particularly the handwritten words.  (Carolyn’s a genius for getting us to practice free motion using our handwriting—we’ve all had plenty of practice with the motions, after all!)

I’m glad to have been able to introduce some pieces at the end of their first lives to a second career.  It feels good to get these rather thick fabrics out of my stash, too.

What’s your favorite recycling project?  Do you have one, or are you thinking of trying one?



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