Spring scrap quilt

My latest finish is a quilt top and back made in the colors of the spring that is bustin’ out all over: cherry blossom pink and green.

The pink flowered fabric was left over from a dress I made for my niece a few years ago—we went shopping together for fabric, and she inspected every bolt in the store (some of them twice) before settling on this one.  It’s a lightweight cotton with a texture like seersucker.  The light fabric with green branches is scrap from a pillowcase I made for another little girl in my life.  Both of the girls are past their pink phases, so I was left with a question of how to use these scraps wisely and well.

Enter the Boulder Modern Quilt Guild’s charity project for the year, making log cabin quilts for a children’s hospital.  I am delighted at the thought that another child might enjoy these fabrics in their new form.  I added some donated material: white, lime green, and a clover print all seemed to jump in to the design.  I also made some binding out of the lime green.  I’m hoping to pass off this set to another Guild member for assembling and quilting.

I’m pleased with the final result, by where it will go, and by a little elbow room in my fabric bins.  I came out with exactly zero left of any of the fabrics, so these are the last I’ll see of any of them.

How do you think about scraps?  Do you stack them up for ages or use them up right away?  Do you have favorite patterns you put them in, or do you wait for inspiration to strike?


4 thoughts on “Spring scrap quilt

  1. Turned out beautifully Shelly! It’s a wonderful addition to our charity quilts for the year. As for scraps, I’m guilty of saving almost everything. Thus my attempt this year to sew from my stash. So far so good although I caved recently with a couple of purchases. Fabric really is an addiction.


    1. You are so right: it’s hard not to crave the new. I’m also trying to sew from stash but seem to be collecting almost as much as I use; trying to change that.

      I think it’s good that you save scraps and use them – love your recent work that shows that!


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