What next?

The last weeks have been difficult.  In the U.S. we have seen a sudden and dispiriting triumph of fear and demagoguery over hope and justice.  People everywhere seem to be seeking slogans instead of justice, and are ever less willing to accept that work, empathy, education, or sacrifice on their part are required for worthwhile answers to life’s difficult questions.  In this kind of climate, everything else seems trivial.

I will be writing less frequently.

I think I will write occasionally, however.  I’d still like to share finished items.  I would also like to focus more on ways to honor the resources and environment we have, on fixing and reclaiming, on remaking.  I want a transition off of this crazy train we’re on, and I can start in my own life.  I also have an iota of hope that handiwork, deliberate and creative, can encourage broader deliberation and creativity in some tiny way.

In the meantime, let’s all—right now, this moment, without waiting—do something constructive for our social climate.  Donate to the International Rescue Committee or ioby.  Subscribe to the New York Times, The Atlantic, or Vanity Fair.  Volunteer in your community.  Forget the mall and really take a run at buying gifts from ethical companies and local artists.  Ask your neighbors over for a drink, especially the ones who don’t look just like you.  Tomorrow, do the next thing.  Together, let’s do the work.

And bind some quilts.






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