Me-modified May

I’ve been crushing on #memademay entries the last few years.  Started by @sozoblog, the Me Made May challenge is reworded by each sewist; but all have in common wearing self-made items and thinking more mindfully about what and why we sew.  As well as all the sewing inspiration, I appreciate how people reflect on how their wardrobes fit their lives and ethics.  Some of the ideas that resonate with me include:

  • low carbon
  • fair labor practices
  • slow fashion
  • just enough

Clothing has more impact on the world than you might think, which makes the challenge more important.  During Fashion Revolution week I was shocked to learn that the average person buys 60% more items of clothing and keeps them about half as long as they did in 2000.  What the what?!  Considering how energy-intensive, environmentally damaging, and exploitative fast fashion is, that’s a travesty.  Just by buying less, buying better, and making it last, we can have a big impact on our carbon footprint and on justice.

May 1, 2, and 3: refashioned dress from thrift store find, me-made top, and me-made skirt. Also, I’m not great with the selfies.

With a mostly thrifted and altered wardrobe in my closet, I feel like I can finally go for my own version of Me Made May: Me-modified May.  I pledge to wear at least one item each day this month that I’ve changed significantly to fit better, last longer, or look better.  This will include a few items I’ve made, lots I’ve altered, and some I’ve repaired.  My goal is to move toward an ethically and ecologically sound wardrobe of pieces that I wear many times and take care of sustainably.

May 5, 6, and 8: lengthened thrifted dress, altered tee, altered thrifted shirt. So far I’ve managed a modified item each day. Can I make it to the end of the month?

Are you taking up an aspect of Me Made May?  Or are you just making your clothes last longer by mending and cold-water washing?  Please share!




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