Me-modified May wrap-up

It’s the first day of June and I’m wearing an unaltered ready-to-wear dress for the first time in a month. Every day in May I managed to don at least one item I sewed or altered. The me-modified May challenge was a great way to see how much of my wardrobe I had made or messed with, versus what I’d acquired, vintage or not, ready to go. We even had a freak snowstorm to get me to reach for my clothes made for slushy weather.

The challenge showed me that I tend to sew warm-weather clothes much more than cold-weather items. Almost all my sweaters are thrifted, but few are altered. I also concluded that I wanted two pencil skirts to go with some new thrifted shirts that don’t play nicely with my closet full of a-lines. One is already made and the other is on my cutting table. (My cutting table is also my sewing table, ironing board, and catch-all, but it sounds fancier to call it by function.)

three outfits I wore in me-modified May

Overall the challenge was a good way to really take a look at my wardrobe and understand how the me-mades fit in. Did it work the same way for you?

Oh, and about that RTW dress I’m wearing today? I’ve only washed it five times, and it’s already shrunk 3+ inches. This is probably the last time I can wear it to work. Yet another reason to sew my own. I was going to toss it in the giveaway bag…but now that I look at it, could I fix it? Stay tuned…


2 thoughts on “Me-modified May wrap-up

  1. I’m so impressed with your remakes and the motivation to thrift. I like to thrift home dec items but rarely clothes. After making clothes for the kids when they were little I find little motivation for clothing now.


    1. Thanks – I hear you about the clothing – at least quilts stay nice and flat, no need for darts or tailoring… Home dec is great to thrift though!


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